About Building Babylon

Building Babylon is a working journal and lab-book for my work in machine learning, mathematics and language modeling (in a broad sense), and more recently for some topics from zero-knowledge proofs.  Here, I publish my ideas, notes and comments on the work of others.  I hope in this way to provoke contact with other interested researchers and practitioners who might be able to help me on my way, and with whom I can exchange ideas.

Much of what is posted is the residue of my own efforts to learn some of the elementary things I should have liked to have already known. Perhaps they’ll be useful to someone else, perhaps not.

Please get in touch via email if you’ve corrections or comments.

About me (Benjamin Wilson)

I originally trained as a pure mathematician (in Lie representation theory) before leaving academia for machine learning in industry in 2012. I currently head up the AI team at Modulus Labs, working on applying zero-knowledge proofs to machine learning inference.
You can contact me via email at the address above, or LinkedIn.